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The Band Mates Rock n Roll Plush Toys


He fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, just like he was meant to be there. He’s a fast talkin’ kinda guy who thinks he has all the answers. And definitely wants to have the last word. Unfortunately, he has no ‘indoor voice’ – his volume is always turned up to 11!


Tom is solid, steady, and true. He’ll go along with anything and has complete faith in his fellow bandmates. Even if they sometimes play pranks on him or tease him just a bit, he can take it because even he admits that sometimes he finds it hard to pay attention to anything that does not rock ‘n roll. He knows what he likes, and that playing makes him happy. That, and food.

The Band Mates Rock n Roll Plush Toys
The Band Mates Rock n Roll Plush Toys

DJ MC-Square

DJ MC Square is one cool dude. Totally chill but with none of the ‘tude. His grooves are heavy, but his flow is smooth. He’s always into jamming with you.


Now Axe-L is a total spotlight-hogging diva. He can’t help but think he should always be the center of attention. Both on stage and off. He’s serious about practice because he knows that discipline is what it takes to succeed. He’s sure of where he wants to go in life, and if you have to pay his rent and support him while he goes for it, that’s ok with him. He’s got big dreams, big ambition, and a big ego. But man, can he play!

The Band Mates Rock n Roll Plush Toys